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State Responsibilities and Opportunities for School Improvement under the Every Student Succeeds Act

This PSA report, developed for the Council of Chief State School Officers, gathers timely information across states on their school improvement efforts under ESSA. It provides information, examples, and resources intended to be useful for state leaders and their partners in carrying out state visions for improving schools, including those identified through state accountability systems.

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Reading Partners Alumni Study has launched!

Policy Studies Associates has launched an important study of Reading Partners AmeriCorps alumni. Focused on alumni who completed at least one year of service between 2010 and 2018, the study will help Reading Partners deepen their understanding of the quality of the Reading Partners service experience and its effects on their AmeriCorps alumni, including their educational and/or career pathways as well as their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors toward community and civic engagement.

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NewsLeslie Anderson
PSA recognized among NAA’s Most Influential in Research and Evaluation

The National AfterSchool Association (NAA) has selected PSA as one of NAA’s 2018 Most Influential in Research and Evaluation, recognizing our contributions to research and evaluation on youth and adolescent development.  PSA is proud to have partnered with programs, intermediaries and policymakers at the national, state and local levels, and proud to have played a role in contributing to the growth and quality of afterschool opportunities for young people for more than two decades. 

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NewsChristina Russell
Evaluation of Children's Aid i3-funded Parent Leadership Institute discussed at INET

Community context plays a critical role in the integration of externally-developed parent engagement models into schools. This report presents findings from PSA’s evaluation of the Children’s Aid Parent Leadership Institute (PLI) and describes lessons learned from parent engagement coordinators’ efforts to balance the PLI’s core components with parents’ interests and principals’ visions for parent engagement in their schools.

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