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Reading Partners

Policy Studies Associates has launched an important study of Reading Partners AmeriCorps alumni! Focused on alumni who completed at least one year of service between 2010 and 2018, the study will help Reading Partners deepen their understanding of the quality of the Reading Partners service experience and its effects on their AmeriCorps alumni, including their educational and/or career pathways as well as their beliefs, attitudes, and behaviors toward community and civic engagement. PSA is currently surveying the 1,200+ Reading Partners AmeriCorps alumni from all sites and cohorts. Other data collection activities include focus groups with a representative sample of alumni. Study results are expected by winter 2020. Learn more about Reading Partners and the AmeriCorps Alumni Study here.

City Year

PSA has been one of City Year’s research partners for more than 15 years, using quasi-experimental research designs for multiple studies of City Year and its Whole School Whole Child (WSWC) model for national, New York City, and Los Angeles City Year clients.

Reports include the following:

Analysis of the Impacts of City Year’s Whole School Whole Child Model on Partner Schools’ Performance
The City Year Experience: Putting Alumni on the Path to Lifelong Civic Engagement
Year 4 Evaluation of City Year New York’s Whole School Whole Child Initiative
Year 2 Evaluation of City Year New York’s Whole School Whole Child Initiative
City Year Parent Study: Exploring City Year’s Impact on Younger Alumni and Their Parents
The Effect of the City Year Experience Over Time: Findings from the Longitudinal Study of Alumni

Jumpstart for Young Children

For Jumpstart, an AmeriCorps grantee, PSA conducted a study of the language and literacy skills gained by Dual Language Learners (DLLs) receiving Jumpstart services in California. Jumpstart partners with colleges and universities in 20 cities across the United States to recruit and train college students to tutor and mentor preschool-aged children to improve their language and literacy development. The college students, known as Corps members, tutor or mentor small groups of young children enrolled in community-based preschool or child care programs. Twice a week for approximately 20 weeks, Corps members work with their small groups, using a curriculum that focuses on improving children’s language, literacy, and social-emotional skills. PSA conducted multi-level regression modeling using data for 2,130 Jumpstart children, 767 Corps members, and 87 early education program partners to measure the impact of Jumpstart programming on the literacy and language skills of DLLs.

Teach for America

For TFA, PSA has administered and analyzed the results of principal and teacher surveys from 2007 through 2013, to support TFA’s continuous improvement plan. The principal survey, administered every two years, inquired about each principal’s satisfaction with the performance of the corps members in his or her school, the principal’s ratings of corps members’ specific teaching skills, and the principal’s estimates of the impact of corps members on the academic performance of students. The survey also inquired about each principal’s experiences with TFA program staff. For a separate report, PSA administered a school safety survey to corps members working in schools.