Policy Studies Associates

Performance Management Systems



New York City Department of Youth and Community Development

The NYC Department of Youth and Community Development (DYCD) asked PSA to consult on its Evaluation Monitoring System (EMS). Through EMS, DYCD sought a performance management system that could be used by staff throughout the funding agency— including those working with youth, workforce, and community development programs—to collect reliable data, provide greater transparency to nonprofits, enable agency-wide performance analyses, and support strategic planning. PSA supported the development of a nested system of indicators addressing administrative factors, program quality and outcome indicators; facilitated a pilot of the new system; and developed resources to encourage consistent implementation and improvement efforts.

United Way of Greater Lehigh Valley

PSA worked with the United Way of the Greater Lehigh Valley (UWGLV) to develop a comprehensive approach for evaluating and reporting on the implementation and outcomes of its program investments, including early childhood and family-focused initiatives. To guide this work, PSA regularly met with key UWGLV staff to learn about the agency’s goals and its accountability procedures. PSA also facilitated convrersations with UWGLV stakeholders, including representatives of nonprofit agencies, to obtain feedback on the proposed evaluation approach, which was driven by a framework of key indicators for program quality and for participant and community outcomes. The ultimate evaluation approach for the agency built on and strengthened the data collection and reporting under way and was consistent with the Results-Based Accountability approach used by United Way affiliates.