Policy Studies Associates

Logic models, theories of change



National Governors Association


For the National Governors Association, PSA conducted a two-year study to assess and support the NGA’s Comprehensive Strategy for Early Care and Education (ECE) Project, which targeted technical assistance and support to a select group of states, including governors and their staff, to refine and implement an ECE policy agenda that expands access and quality in opportunities for young children. PSA conducted surveys and interviews of state staff, reviewed state documents, and tracked of performance indicators to evaluate the extent to which the technical assistance led to desired state outcomes. PSA also assisted states in developing a Theory of Change (TOC) to help them assess their progress toward realizing their respective ECE policy agendas. PSA identified, clarified, and recommended specific ways in which NGA staff could provide targeted technical assistance to support specific state efforts to achieve their short- and longer-term ECE policy agendas. In addition, each state’s TOC mapped out a plan for sustaining project activities.