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The Wallace Foundation

Six large school districts strengthened their pipelines of preparation and support for school principals as part of The Wallace Foundation’s Principal Pipeline Initiative. PSA and the RAND Corporation evaluated the initiative’s implementation and impact from its start in 2011 through 2017, producing a suite of reports exploring not only what a good pipeline looks like but also what goes into strengthening an existing pipeline in real-world contexts. PSA also analyzed and reported on ways to use data in principal placement and succession planning and the feasibility of sustaining a pipeline after the grant period ended.

Six Districts Begin the Principal Pipeline Initiative (Volume 1)
Cultivating Talent Through a Principal Pipeline (Volume 2)
Districts Taking Charge of the Principal Pipeline (Volume 3)
Evaluating and Supporting Principals (Volume 4)
The Principal Pipeline Initiative in Action (Volume 5)

Leader Tracking Systems:Turning Data Into Information for School Leadership

Sustaining a Principal Pipeline