About Us

Policy Studies Associates (PSA) conducts research in education and youth development. Founded in 1982, PSA believes in the importance of using accurate information to guide decision making about education and youth development.

The studies PSA conducts for its clients span evaluation, policy analysis, and other forms of systematic inquiry. In these studies, PSA’s trained researchers integrate information from many sources to examine the operations and effects of programs to improve schooling and other services for children and youth. They draw on their expertise in research and evaluation design, data collection (using surveys, interviews, and observations), analysis, and reporting.

PSA’s clients include federal, state, and local government agencies, foundations, and other organizations that aim to use high-quality data to make policy decisions. PSA’s evaluation and research studies have helped these organizations to:

  • Understand program implementation and outcomes
  • Inform policy and program improvement
  • Share lessons learned

PSA's studies have involved evaluation, research, and policy analysis in:

  • School Improvement

    PSA's evaluations give educators and policymakers information on the implementation and impacts of programs and practices in school districts, schools, community colleges, and classrooms.

  • Youth Development / Expanded Learning Opportunities

    PSA's evaluations examine the implementation of expanded learning opportunities and their impact on the social and academic outcomes of youth. Studies have explored systemic efforts to improve program quality, build the capacity of staff, and develop strategic partnerships between schools and community partner organizations.

  • Professional Development

    PSA's evaluation and research studies in professional development seek to learn what promotes educators' professional growth.

  • Community Involvement

    PSA's evaluation and research services assist local communities and organizations by examining the efficiency and effects of their operations and resources.

  • Technical Assistance and Scale-Up of Innovative Programs

    PSA's work in this area explores the support and assistance offered to educators as they implement school improvement.