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ExpandED Schools

PSA conducted a five-year evaluation of the national demonstration of ExpandED Schools, an initiative supported by The Wallace Foundation to expand the school day through strategic partnerships between schools and community organizations, supported by intermediary organizations. The evaluation examined the implementation of the ExpandED Schools approach; adaptations made by local communities and schools; patterns of student engagement; the role of the expanded day in supporting development of positive academic mindsets among students; and the sustainability and dissemination of ExpandED Schools approach. The PSA team also developed a fidelity of implementation rubric which was been used both to monitor program implementation and to improve program support.

PSA also evaluated an earlier pilot of the expanded learning time model in New York City (ELT/NYC) that informed the national demonstration. PSA, in collaboration with Abt Associates, conducted a comprehensive evaluation of ELT/NYC to examine the initiative’s success in expanding the availability of enriched learning opportunities and in improving students’ educational performance.

Spreading School-Community Partnerships
ExpandED Schools National Demonstration
Institutionalizing ExpandED Schools
ExpandED Schools: Developing Mindsets to Support Academic Success
Fidelity of Implementation of the TASC ExpandED Model