Evaluation of the Community Advancing Discovery Research in Education (CADRE) Resource Network

Technical Assistance and Scale-Up of Innovative Programs
National Science Foundation
PSA Director
Derek Riley

PSA is the evaluator of the Community Advancing Discovery Research in Education (CADRE), an NSF-funded resource network for STEM education researchers and developers who have grants under the NSF’s Discovery Research K-12 (DR K-12) program. CADRE supports DR K-12 grantees in sharing their methods, findings, products, and interests with each other and with the broader R&D community and public. The network convenes members of the DR K-12 community for conferences and work groups, develops resources and briefs for the community, provides information and networking opportunities, hosts a program website, and supports emerging researchers through the CADRE Fellowship program.

As the CADRE evaluator, PSA provides formative feedback for service improvement and also summative evaluation. The evaluation addresses all aspects of CADRE implementation, with a focus on CADRE efforts to support early career researchers and developers. As a precursor to the evaluation, PSA produced a brief report, Early Career Researchers and Developers in the DR K-12 Program: Needs, Supports, and Recommendations, which is intended to inform the work of CADRE and other initiatives developing the field of STEM education R&D.

From 2008 to2014, PSA served as a partner in implementing CADRE services in collaboration with the lead organization, Education Development Center (EDC), along with Abt Associates and the University of Massachusetts Donohue Institute. PSA’s role in providing support through CADRE focused on issues of knowledge use, R&D partnerships, and the bridge between research and practice. PSA staff produced white papers on these issues and convened DR K-12 researchers and developers in work groups to learn from each other while jointly developing reports and tools.