Evaluation of Programs Supported by The After-School Corporation (New York City)

Youth Development / Expanded Learning Opportunities
ExpandED Schools, C.S. Mott Foundation, Carnegie Corporation of New York, Atlantic Philanthropies and W.T. Grant Foundation
PSA Director
Elizabeth R. Reisner
PSA has recently completed a five-year evaluation of a large-scale after-school program supported by The After-School Corporation (TASC) in New York City. TASC supports community-based and other nonprofit organizations in the delivery of after-school services to students, in collaboration with public schools. It serves 50,000 students in New York City and elsewhere in the state.

Building Quality, Scale, and Effectiveness in After-School Programs: Summary Report of the TASC Evaluation
The summary report reviews program effectiveness in meeting quality expectations and in generating benefits for participating students. It also identifies program practices associated with student benefits.

Building Quality, Scale, and Effectiveness in After-School Programs: Supplementary Papers to Accompany the Summary Report of the TASC Evaluation
The supplementary papers review (1) the TASC program approach, (2) student participation in TASC programs, (3) TASC activities and students' reactions to them, and (4) changes in the educational performance of TASC participants.
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Using Evaluation Methods to Promote Continuous Improvement and Accountability in After-School Programs: A Guide
Diverse interests have joined forces to increase and improve after-school opportunities for children and youth. But meeting everyone's information needs in a program evaluation can be tricky. Certain key steps can help operators and evaluators of after-school programs design and conduct evaluations that work for them.
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Survey Instruments Used in the TASC Evaluation
The surveys used in the evaluation can assist other researchers who are engaged in measuring the implementation and results of after-school programs.
Site Coordinator Survey
Principal Survey
After-school Staff Survey
Elementary School Student Survey
Middle School Student Survey
High School Student Survey
Parent Survey
Parent Survey (Spanish)

Promoting Positive Youth Development for High School Students After School: Services and Outcomes for High School Youth in TASC Programs

The special needs and interests of high school youth create both constraints and opportunities for after-school programming. This examination of TASC high school programs describes program contexts, activities, and youth outcomes.
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Supporting Social and Cognitive Growth among Disadvantaged Middle-Grades Students in TASC After-School Projects
Under a grant from the William T. Grant Foundation, this research explored the associations between after-school project features and the social and cognitive outcomes of disadvantaged middle-grades participants.
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