Study of Emerging Teacher Evaluation Systems

School Improvement
U.S. Department of Education
PSA Director
Leslie M. Anderson


Study of Emerging Teacher Evaluation Systems (Full report)

Results in Brief: Study of Emerging Teacher Evaluation Systems

Funded by the U.S. Department of Education, PSA conducted case studies of eight districts' teacher evaluation systems. The case studies, intended for use in informing policy and practice related to teacher evaluation, examined the planning, design, and early implementation of eight local teacher evaluation systems that (1) rely on multiple measures of teacher performance, including gains in student achievement and observation of classroom practice; (2) clearly distinguish among teachers at various levels of proficiency and effectiveness; (3) include both a formative and summative phase in each evaluation cycle; (4) provide timely feedback to teachers that can guide individual improvement and engagement in professional learning activities; and (5) use the results of the evaluation process to inform decisions about retention, dismissal, and compensation.

The case study approach used on-site interviews with state and district staff, representatives of local school boards and teachers' unions, school principals, and focus groups with teachers. The cross-site analysis yielded detailed, cross-site findings about accomplishments and pitfalls in the use of teacher evaluation systems for district-wide improvement.