PSA has a staff of highly trained and expert researchers, along with editorial and administrative staff. The firm sometimes augments its staff by retaining outside experts and by collaborating with other organizations with specialized expertise.

Aladjem, Dan(202) 939-5331
Anderson, Leslie(202) 939-5327
Butler, Alisha(202) 939-5318
Hildreth, Jeanine(202) 939-5326
Meredith, Julie(202) 930-5320
Riley, Derek(202) 939-5304
Russell, Christina(202) 939-5340
Turnbull, Brenda(202) 939-5324
Turner, Tandra(202) 939-5311
White, Richard(202) 939-5313
Woods, Yvonne(202) 939-5335
Balogun, YemisiAccounting202-939-5305
Lagueruela, BenProduction and Editorial(202) 939-5341
Mizoe, SenriIT Management(202) 939-5307